Table Manners            The Girl’s Guide to Summer            Living the Dream


A short film made in 48 hours for the Instant Films festival, August 2003.

Written by Jeremy Miller and Daniel Cohn

Directed, shot and edited by Charles Papert

Starring Jenna Fischer, Tom Chalmers and Nancy Calabrese

Article on the festival and this film from the L.A. Times here


INSTANT FILMS differs from most 48 hour film festivals in that the writer, the director and the actors are put together at random--the writer(s) wrote the story on Friday night, then on Saturday the director pulled the script out of the hat along with the cast names and had 36 hours to make the film before the screening.

For this film, the director opted to set it in the early 60’s to lend an ironic innocence to the story, which meant a scramble to find period wardrobe and a suitable location.

“The Girl’s Guide to Summer”