The young buck, proudly sporting my brand new (new to me, anyway) Model 1 Steadicam. I bought it from a rental house for $6000, which was a bargain except that it had no accessories to speak of, could only carry video and 16mm cameras and was all but unmodified since the rental house bought it from CP in the late 70’s.

This was the first photo shoot I set up with the rig, on the white seamless backdrop at the production company that I worked for at the time.

Very serious. Very intent.


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I’m Charles Papert, and in 1985 I began my career as a Steadicam operator.

At that time, my hero was the late Ted Churchill, a New York based cameraman who had run a very successful series of ads in various print publications. Teddy was the first Steadicam operator to really exploit the possibilities of self-promotion through advertising, and his slick and clever ads were industry legend.

I had always had an interest in graphic arts myself and while embarking on my career, I decided to follow in Teddy’s footsteps and focus on my print ads. Herein, a selection of

those ads from 1988 to 1998.

click any of the ads for larger versions and the behind-the-scenes story.